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Nancy Lim

Class of 2023

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I grew up in a Lutheran church in Philly and graduated from Temple University with a degree in physics, and from the University of Pennsylvania with a Ph.D. in biophysics. I met and married my husband Peter also in Philly, and then moved west where his work took them. We have three children, Ryan, Jason, and Lauren. In 1999, we settled in Reno, NV, and enrolled our children at St. John’s Children’s Center. We have been members at St. Johns ever since! I help Peter with the business side of his medical practice and I have many hobbies: gardening, reading, skiing, paddle boarding, hiking, exercising, walking her dog, and getting away to Lake Tahoe as much as possible.

Stan Peck

Personnel Committee

Class of 2022

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Pam Ramseth

Christian Education Committee

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Class of 2022

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Mary Sherman

Missions Committee

Class of 2020

Carolyn Williamson

St. John's Children's Center

Class of 2021

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Elaine York

Fellowship and Nurture Committee

Class of 2022

I am what is called a "Cradle Presbyterian."  At birth, I began my lifelong affiliation with the Presbyterian Church in Ohio, California and now Nevada.


I have been a member of St.John's since 2007.  I have been a Deacon, an Elder and now after completing eight classes at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where I earned a Certificate of Ministry, am now a Commissioned Lay Pastor serving St. John's, I am also a newly installed Moderator of the Nevada Presbytery.


I have been married to  Ray York for 54 years.  I have two children Steven and Marilyn and four grandchildren, Stella, Dalton, Ethan and Jones.


I find St. John's to be a wonderful place to serve and to be fed and comforted.

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