The Rev. Dr. Helen Hutchison

Helen grew up in Denver and went on to the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. After earning a B.A. in English Literature, she returned to Denver for an idealistic municipal program designed to involve young people in the community. Working with people who were trying hard to change their life circumstances, and believing that God had created them to be contributing members of society, she began to think about the merging of faith and life, and the way God works in our daily lives.


Called to ministry through this experience, Helen was sponsored by her home church, Montview Boulevard Presbyterian, and was ordained there as a Presbyterian minister in 1998, after earning a Master of Divinity degree from ILife School of Theology as well as a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Denver. In 2006 she completed her doctoral program at ILife and was awarded the Doctor of Ministry degree.


Serving congregations for the last twenty years in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas, Helen has continued her education in a variety of seminars and conferences, as well as study programs in Israel, Turkey, and Egypt.  During this time she has also been a faithful member of Presbytery, serving on important committees and leading workshops.


Helen has outstanding references. She is noted for her preaching and worship leadership, her outreach to the congregation and the community, and her ability to lead without being dictatorial. In her qualifications, her experience, and her enthusiasm, she matches the vision for the future that is expressed in the St. John’s Mission Study. 

The Rev. Dr. Robert E. Stover-Pastoral Associate

The Rev. Jackie Leonard-Pastoral Associate

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