St. John's Children's Center

Class Sizes and Child-to-Teacher Ratios
Research has shown that small class sizes and lower teacher-to-child ratios increase the quality of care and education children receive. Every effort is made to maintain optimum class sizes and ratios in programs at the Children's Center. However, adjustments in classes are sometimes needed to meet the needs of children and staff in our programs.

Typical classes have the following configurations:




Program                     Class Size    Ratio

Infant 8 wks. - 12 mo.    4 Children     1:4 Ratio

Toddler 12 - 24 mo.       10 Children    1:6 Ratio

Toddler 2 - 3 years       18 Children    1:9 Ratio

3 Year Old Preschool    18 Children    1:10 Ratio

4 Year Old Preschool    20 Children   1:11 Ratio

Kindergarten               22 Children   1:15 Ratio

Elementary Programs   14 Children    1:14 Ratio

Fees, Tuition and Scholarships

Registration Fees

  • The registration process is tedious, time consuming, and costly for a school as large as St. John's. To help offset the cost of processing paperwork, maintaining computer and accounting records, and to purchase supplies, the Center collects an annual registration fee.



  • Tuition fees are the only source of income for the Children's Center.

  • For information on tuition, call St. John's Children's Center at (775) 826-4655


Tuition Deposit

  •  A tuition deposit is also collected at the time of enrollment.

  • The tuition deposit is $100. The deposit is held in reserve and applied to your child's final two weeks tuition at the time of withdrawal. The amount of the deposit will be reviewed annually at registration time and will be adjusted, up or down if needed, when the child's enrollment and tuition changes.

  • Adjustments in the tuition deposit will also be made when there is a significant change in enrollment during the year.

  • Tuition deposits are non-interest bearing. The Board of Directors will consider reducing the amount of Tuition deposit when the full deposit causes a serious problem for the family; in making its decision, the Board considers family income, family size, and level of need.

  • Tuition deposits are refundable when appropriate notice of withdrawal is given in writing. If notice is not appropriately given, the tuition deposit is forfeited. (Details are in the Handbook available at the Center). This gives the Center a reasonable amount of time to fill the vacant space.



  • Scholarships may be awarded by the Scholarship Committee of the Board of Directors on an as-needed basis. Applications are available from the Center Director.

  • Scholarships may be awarded for one school year only.

  • Families must re-apply each August if they wish to be considered for another year.

  • The Scholarship Committee considers family income, family size, and level of need in making awards.

  • Scholarships are reviewed quarterly to determine if the family situation has changed and if the scholarship is still warranted.


Required Records for Enrollment

  • Current immunization certificate from Washoe County Health Department.

  • Health record from a physician stating that your child has been examined during the last 12 months and is healthy, free from communicable diseases, and able to participate in school/child care.

  • Registration forms and emergency contact information.

  • Signed policies.

  • Kindergarten - Birth Certificate






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