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Love Message in a Bottle

Fill bottles with sand and love messages so that you can share the Bible Story with important people in your lives.

Showing love did not come easily to Joseph's brothers, but with time and guidance they figured it out. We all need to have some help showing love. this "love message in a bottle" is a great way to start!


1. Take the plastic bottle provided and fill the bottle two-thirds full with sand.

2. Cut around the heart shape from the colored craft foam. Decorate the heart shape with       additional pieces of cut foam or glitter if you have any.

3. Glue the heart shape to the front of the bottle.

4. Write a love message or the daily Bible Memory Verse on the white piece of blank 

   paper. Then roll the paper into a tube. Tie it with a piece of yarn, insert it into the bottle,     and screw on the lid.

5. Deliver your love message to a family member.

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Baobab Trivia

Red colobus monkeys send a strong message of love by raising a single infant for more than a year.

Follow-up Questions

1. Why do you think Joseph forgave his brothers even after they had sold him to slavery?

2. Is it ever hard to forgive people? Why or why not?

3. Name one thing you can do to share love with members of your family.